SteadyServ for Brewers and Distributors

On-premise data that creates opportunity.

SteadyServ keg inventory levels

Brewers: The proof you need to grow

Overstocks and out-of-stocks are bad for business. Stop them from happening with SteadyServ.

With the SteadyServ system you’ll know exactly how many pints of your beer are being sold and where they’re being sold. Use this information to improve your brewing schedules, increase the efficiency of your supply chain, and make sure your product lineups are the best they can be.

With SteadyServ you can:

  • Get and keep handles
  • Plan production and adapt
  • Empower your sales force
  • Forecast and create programming with retailers

Distributors: Depletions one pint at a time

When you use SteadyServ, everyone profits. By providing the entire supply chain with the same information, you can bridge the gap between the brewers and bars you work with, resulting in better beer lists that maximize freshness, availability, and sales.

Your beer reps manage large account bases and SteadyServ empowers them to be as effective and efficient as possible, adding taps and market share.

SteadyServ gives you:

  • Real-time inventory in the field
  • Proven success for sales
  • Data that proves brand and style affinities
  • Insight for adaptable inventory management
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