Map out your next beer with the new BreweryMap!


Tap into your next adventure with the new BreweryMap. The updated app has been completely redesigned to help you hop on the right path to the best breweries around you. No more growling about a bad beer because you can now rate each brewery you visit. And if you barley barely know anything about beer — we have all the beer details right in the app for you!


Can’t remember if you’ve been to a brewery or what you thought of it? Now you can start logging your brewery visits and rate each experience, and for the studious – you can even keep notes. You’ll be able to find all this info in one spot in the new Profile section.

Start logging your visits to breweries.

Rate your visit, record the date, and add any notes about your experience.

View all your beer notes right in the app.

Stay on top of all of your beer-capades in the profile section.


You wished for a place to store breweries you want to visit. Well, your wish is our command. A new wishlist feature has been added and can be found in your profile.

Wish you could visit a brewery? Add it to your wishlist.

See your wishlist in your profile section.


If you’re on the hunt for a good drink, you can now search specific areas for breweries, or see all of the breweries along the way of an upcoming trip.  If you see something you like, tap a pin to see details about each location.

See all breweries in a selected area and view brewery details when you select a pin.

Scope out all breweries along the route of your next trip.

Sort brewery results by the criteria that’s most helpful to you.

View all of the beers you can stop and sip on your trip.


At breweries it’s all about the beer, so now when you look at a brewery, you’ll see the beer list first. You’ll still be able to read about each brewery, find contact info, hours, and location, but first, you’ll see all of their beers!

Beer first then brewery details. (IOS version)

Beer first then brewery details. (Andriod version)


If you have a beer in hand and want to find its brewery, BreweryMap is the app for that. Search for a brewery either by beer name or by scanning the UPC on a bottle or can.

Search for the brewery by the name of a beer.

Search for a brewery by scanning the barcode on a bottle or can.


Don’t have the app? Don’t worry. You can easily download it by clicking the links below and start finding a brewery near you!