SteadyServ Digital Menu

Create an environment that excites and earns.

Update your beer menu instantly

Digital Menu allows you to show new beers as soon as they’re tapped and remove sold-out items the second they’re gone. This keeps customers happy and your taps flowing. It also eliminates the tedious process of updating chalkboard beer menus. Talk about a win-win.

digital beer menu with keg inventory
digital beer menu settings

Display your menu your way

SteadyServ Digital Menu allows you to customize the serving types, sizes, and prices you display. With the ability to display bottles, cans, growlers, packs to go, and draft offerings, along with customizable serving sizes, your customers can easily see everything you have to offer.

Save money on print and promotional materials

Your beer list is constantly changing, which means so is your menu. With SteadyServ Digital Menu you can display your most current beer menu as well as promote specials and deals without the cost of having to regularly print new menus.

save money
digital menu keg inventory levels

Create demand with up-to-the-minute keg level displays

With Digital Menu your customers can see in real-time how much beer is left in each keg. This way they always know the beer they’re ordering is available or when their favorite brew is about to run out.

Grab their attention

Increase your walk-in purchases with Digital Menu. Its compelling, easy-to-read design captures the attention of new foot traffic right away. You’ll also enhance the experience of your most loyal customers by keeping your current beer list front and center for them to see.

happy customers
digital beer menu pricing

Quickly and easily update pricing

With Digital Menu’s ability to instantly update pricing across all of your digital displays you can easily up-sell and promote new beers, as well as drop the price on those that aren’t selling so well. You can also call attention to daily specials and test out new pricing quickly and easily — without unnecessary print overhead.

Get the support you need, when you need it

Consider our support specialists an extension of your staff. From setup to those quick questions that pop up, our team is here to help. In addition to our first class customer care, we also offer online resources, tutorials, and FAQs if you’re more of a do-it-yourself type. These resources are also great for training new staff members on how to make the most of the system.


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