How to Pour Beer

how to pour beer

If you were to compare draft beer pours from your bartenders, how would they compare? Training your staff to pour beer properly is key to keeping draft beer waste low because overpour and sloppy oversights are costly habits that add up quickly.

Follow the tips below to perfect your pour – and don’t forget to share them with your staff!

1. Rinse the glass

The glass should already be clean, but a quick rinse lessens friction when the beer is being poured, which makes the process smooth and easier to get right. Don’t chill or “frost” the glass before pouring.

2. Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle

Tilting the glass will prevent too much head from forming during your pour.

3. Begin pouring the beer, aiming for the middle of the glass

Try not to pour too slowly. Super slow pours result in no head. The goal is to end with about an inch of foam, which is necessary to enhance aromatics. Taste is strongly influenced by the proportion of beer to head.

4. Straighten the glass when it’s 2/3 full and serve

Altering the angle of the glass will prevent too much foam from forming.

5. Clean dirty glasses with glass detergent

Regular dish detergent typically has a petroleum base, which leaves a film on glasses and kills beer head and taste. Cleaners made specifically for glass are comprised of other compounds and better preserve beer.


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