Introducing the new iKeg Home Screen

SteadyServ is happy to announce more new features in the app and portal just for you. Now, you can get a quick view and real-time insights of your entire system with the new iKeg home screen.

This home function provides a snapshot view of your previous day’s performance; real-time insights; and immediate battery, smart scale, and keg costs alerts now on one page.

Click here to learn more about what information is accessible on the iKeg home screen and what each section means.

Managing your account anytime, anywhere just got a whole lot easier.


Additional New Features


The new Battery Status filter on the iKeg home screen provides a quick view at all current battery statuses. Identify any low batteries and prevent missing data because of a dead battery!


The Keg Cost section on the iKeg home screen displays how many tags are missing keg costs — the amount you paid for the keg. This is important for accurate insights in Kegonomics. Inputting your keg cost is simple, you fill in the costs right on the iKeg page.


The Smart Scale section helps immediately notify you if a smart scale has an error and is not recording information. When you see this error, immediately fix the smart scale with these easy, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to get it back online.


Building the perfect Digital Menu has never been easier. SteadyServ has added countless glassware and sizes to create a customized menu just for you.