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If you can measure it, you can sell it.

SteadyServ keg inventory levels

Reduce waste and maximize your draft beer profit

SteadyServ iKeg monitors your draft business 24/7, providing you with real-time information, powered by Kegonomics, on exactly how much is left in each of your kegs – down to the ounce. With this insight you’ll never pull a keg before it’s empty, ensuring you sell every last drop of beer.

Kegonomics takes things even further and translates this data into powerful visualizations you can access anytime, anywhere. With Kegonomics you can track waste reduction, compare yourself to your competition, and see opportunity loss by product. Drill down even deeper to discover which days you’re wasting most or least, and how much waste you’re averaging per day.

Power your decision making with actionable insights

Not just numbers on a page, Kegonomics turns your draft beer data into powerful information you can use to make real business decisions. Kegonomics harnesses data from SteadyServ smart scales, point-of-sale systems, and more to deliver real-time analytics with actionable insights unique to you. With this information at your fingertips, it becomes easy for you to measure draft performance, sell more, waste less, and ultimately make more money.

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Save time and money by eliminating inventory guesswork

You don’t run your business for the paperwork, so why spend longer than necessary on it? SteadyServ takes the guesswork out of inventory by giving you insight into exactly what is (and isn’t) selling, how quickly, and how much you have left. Kegnomonics calculates everything for you and provides you with real-time recommendations right in the app. You no longer have to crunch the numbers — we’ve got you!

Know what’s going on in your cooler — anytime, anywhere

Don’t worry when you’re away. The SteadyServ iKeg app is easy to use on your mobile device or tablet and allows you as-it’s-happening visibility into keg inventory levels, waste levels, beer performance, and keg freshness — wherever you are.

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Keep them coming back for more

SteadyServ connects your staff to vital beer data in real time. This eliminates untimely keg changes and the phrase every customer hates to hear — Sorry, we’re out of that. When your staff knows (down to the ounce) how much beer is left, your bar runs smoothly, your staff is efficient, and your customers always leave happy.

Give your customers the real-time scoop on what’s on tap and how much is left by adding SteadyServ Digital Menu to the mix. Not only does it create demand, but it ensures your beer menu is always accurate. Click here to learn more about Digital Menu.

Get the support you need, when you need it

Consider our support specialists an extension of your staff. From setup to those quick questions that pop up, our team is here to help. In addition to our first class customer care, we also offer online resources, tutorials, and FAQs if you’re more of a do-it-yourself type. These resources are also great for training new staff members on how to make the most of the system.

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On-premise data that creates opportunity

The beer industry is changing at record speed and, for brewers and distributors, information is the key to keeping up. SteadyServ provides the timely insight the entire supply chain needs to grow and succeed.

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