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mellow-mushroom“Waste was the biggest thing I was looking to lower with SteadyServ, and it has exceeded my expectations.

My COGS have gone down because my bartenders know I’m keeping track of what is sold and rang in so nothing is given away for free.”

Jacob Hunke
General Manager of Mellow Mushroom

cobblestone“SteadyServ showed me the ability to watch my draft sales and can better track my beer. I now know if I am losing beer and what trends are going on in the business.”

Kent Esra
Owner of Cobblestone Grill

the-score“It is nice to see when a keg is getting low so we can tell our bar staff to go ahead and get the backup keg ready to go… I was surprised to see that some beers I thought were good movers were just not selling, and beers that I was looking to get rid of were actually moving relatively quickly, so it has adjusted my outlook on ordering.”

Jake O’Rourke
Bar Manager at The Score Restaurant & Sport Bar

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